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There used to be a big tradeshow called ASR. They had big security guards. They served food there with big prices, a Gatorade would cost you 6 bucks, don’t ask what a pretzel cost. A lot of the big brands would have big booths to show their product. I’m talking million dollar booths. Everything was B I G, then the bottom fell out of the world and ASR was no more. No big booths. No big prices for pretzels. No big security guards. No big nothing, only this small tradeshow called Agenda was left. We got involved with Agenda a couple years ago. They help us fly out Unified shops so they can come to the show and skate the Berrics and eat in n out. It’s a big deal because we’re all small companies. Now, there’s nothing wrong with big, we all think big, but in your pursuit to be big learn from the people who were big and make sure when your are big you leave out the big security guards. But Agenda is way more than a big party; it’s a legitimate place of business. The whole point of this is for skateshops to see and buy new products. So for all of you who couldn’t make it this year, or just want to get another sneak peek at all the new product coming out this year, this video’s for you. — sb

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