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adidas Skateboarding stands out as having possibly the most diverse roster in the history of skate shoes. And the team riders don’t really exist as outsiders; there is no Euro/Antarctica squad, or women’s division, just one cohesive team. The steady stream of video projects that are constantly in the adidas hopper reminds us of this—this year’s adidas Skateboarding output could easily fill a full-length. 

The latest entry in the adidas "Das Days" series explores Brazil’s Sao Paulo—hometown of Rodrigo Tx. (Previous entries highlighted NYC, LA, and Mexico City.) Earlier this month, adidas released yet another video giving shine to Latin America, "Daedalus," so it’s clear that the Southern Hemisphere is going off on the 3-stripe tip.

“Das Days Sao Paulo” features Rodrigo Teixeira, Felipe Gustavo, Diego Najera, Alec Majerus, Heitor Da Silva, Magnus Bordewick, Jenn Soto, Klaus Bohms and Latin American riders Akira Shiroma, Federico Gonzalez, Luciano Cristobal, Christian Dawson, Daniel Marques, Marcelo Garcia, and Guilherme Silva.

Here’s adidas’ previous Latin America video, “Daedalus.” For a full explanation of the obscure title, read this:

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