Time sure flies when you’re having fun! adidas Skateboarding, celebrating 20 years of partnership with true pioneer Mark Gonzales, have announced the release of the Aloha Super. The signature shoe was inspired by an adiStar Fencing shoe worn during Gonzales’s historic 1998 performance piece at Städtisches Museum in Abteiberg, Germany.

The original performance, which bridged the gap between skateboarding and fine art, was a collaborative project with skater and artist, Johannes Wohnseifer. Sporting a fencing suit with the word “Aloha” emblazoned on his back—a nod to skateboarding’s roots in surf—Gonzales gave an avant-garde performance utilizing custom-designed obstacles. Gonz recreates this event in the above video, with a few little tweaks.

20 years later at adidas Skateboarding’s Showcase X in New York City, Gonzales took to a new set of custom-built features in his infamous fencing suit. The reinterpretation was an extension of his original performance as well as the unveiling of Gonzales’s Aloha Super.

The Aloha Super is available now at select specialty retailers worldwide and the adidas Skateboarding website.

gonz museum

gonz museum

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