Alec Majerus Drives To Florida’s Tampa Pro Contest In Volcom’s ‘Positive Latitude’

Volcom‘s Alec Majerus is a traveler, and he has a fully decked-out camper van to prove it. Dubbed the ‘Gnar-V,’ Majerus’s majestic camper van has all the bells and whistles needed for a super comfortable road trip, but honestly all Majerus really needs is enough space for his skateboard and a passenger seat for his buddy Jared Cleland. The brand uploaded a video this weekend of Majerus’s latest journey, a cross-country jaunt with “Skatepark of Tampa” on the GPS, on which he embarked in February. Watch the full 10-minute video, above, and start planning your next skate adventure today!

Majerus has been working on literally DOZENS of projects with The Berrics over the past eight eight years, ever since he made a guest appearance in Lopez’s Recruit in 2011—when they were both just little Flippers. We remember when Majerus filmed the ender for his own Recruit in 2014, the whole office crew went up to the balcony to see it go down (it still stands as one of the most stunning tricks to happen here). Check out some of his work, including his Recruit and BATB 9, below:

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