‘Alternative Press’ Interviews Christopher Hiett

'Alternative Press' Interviews Christopher Hiett

We premiered Landon Belcher and Chris Hiett’s shared part, ‘Drollbaton,’ back in 2020, which was full of creative clips and energetic homages. Music magazine Alternative Press recognized that Hiett—the more Manic-Panicky of the duo—has an obvious appreciation for past generations of skating and music… and how the two complement each other. In a recent interview by Josh Madden, Hiett talks about music, relocating from Indiana to California, and who inspires him:

“Dylan Rieder… was one of my biggest inspirations growing up because he showed that there is so much more to skateboarding than just tricks.”

Read the full interview at the Alternative Press site, and catch the full ‘Drollbaton’ video, below:

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