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Battle At The Berrics 13 is Here!

To celebrate Go Skateboarding Day, exactly one year from BATB12 Finals Night, The Berrics is proud to announce that Battle At The Berrics 13: Freedom, presented by Cariuma, is HERE!

This year’s special edition of BATB starting next week will feature the latest and greatest in A.I. Technology to carefully calculate the bracket, eliminating scheduling conflicts, injuries, and delays, producing the best battles scientifically possible. A.I. Koston breaks down this year’s BATB in this special announcement for all the humans out there.

We want YOU to join us for BATB 13 Finals Night! If you ever wanted to come to a BATB Finals Night and couldn’t secure the invite, this is now your chance. For the first time ever, BATB 13 Finals Night tickets will be open to the public. Only these tickets aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. Every week, The Canteen will make available a very limited edition BATB 13 competitor board. These boards will match up to that weekend’s battle. These boards are your ticket in to the best night in skateboarding. Only so many will be made. Collect one and secure your entry to Finals Night or collect them all and bring your friends. Either way, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Come join us!

Stay tuned for more information on the bracket, start date, deathblows and more coming sooner than you think. Special thanks to Cariuma and Primitive for making this possible!

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