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Camp Woodward Season 12 Episode 8 – Overachievers

Woodward‘s 12th season of their show Camp Woodward, is well underway. With 7 episodes down, we check in with Julian Agliardi, Kristion Jordan, Kendra Long, and Mia Lovell in the 8th episode of Season 12. Before the crew leaves Woodward Park City, they start the day at Central Plaza; Kristion and Julian skate the kink rail and learn the tiers of battling a trick; Sheckler and the kids skate the W Plaza and make Ryan reach deep into his bag of tricks to keep up; We hit the trails with and ride Mountain Bikes at camp, before packing up and heading to Woodward Copper.

Watch all this and more in the 8th episode of Camp Woodward Season 12, above.

The show, which has played a role in launching the pro careers of Jake Wooten, CJ Collins, and Frankie Spears, launched Season 12 with a few Berrics favorites in starring roles. Check out some of the previous episodes of Camp Woodward, our videos with Julian and Jordan, along with The Berrics segments filmed at Woodward’s camp throughout the country, below:

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