Chad Muska Declines His Skateboarding Hall Of Fame Induction


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❗️PLEASE READ REPOST REPLY❗️ – With great thought I would like to announce that I am respectfully declining my induction into the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame this year. – I believe there is a global awakening taking place and I find it only right to also respectfully suggest that you allow Kareem Campbell ( @kareemcampbelldotcom ) to take my place. – I know Kareem would of made it in the Hall Of Fame without this suggestion, but I truly believe that now is the time to show the world the racial boundaries that Skateboarding, especially “Street Skateboarding” breaks. – I have traveled this world my entire life connecting with the most beautiful yet insanely diverse group of humans called skateboarders, our industry needs to celebrate and better represent this diversity in our institutions, business and media. – In no way is this an attack on The Skateboarding Hall Of Fame or any other media outlet, it’s just something I truly believe will be positive for the image of skateboarding and this world. – Kareem Campbell was such an influence and mentor to me, although I am not black, Hip Hop culture has always been a major part of my life, Kareem was one of the first skaters that felt like he was one of my friends and not some untouchable pro, but he just happened to be the best skater in the world! – The music he put in his videos, the team of skaters he formed, the shoes he designed and the company’s he built were the blue print for everything I went on to do. – It is only right that Kareem is inducted before me. – SO PLEASE HELP SHARE THIS AND LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! – I would like to thank every single person who has ever supported me over all these years, without you, none of this would be possible. – @skateboardinghalloffame @berrics @thrashermag @transworldskate – #kareemhalloffame

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Chad Muska, the multi-hyphenate pro who is partially responsible for one of the biggest booms skateboarding had ever seen, has officially declined his induction into the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame. Instead, the 43-year-old is using the opportunity to highlight a “global awakening taking place,” and has nominated the legend Kareem Campbell in his stead.

The awakening The Muska is referring to is the widespread systemic racism that has plagued nearly every industry for generations. This silently accepted status quo has created an impenetrable racial imbalance, which has sadly contributed to a culture of police brutality (reaching a fever pitch this year with the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis). As a society, globally, every race has joined hands in peaceful protest to make this issue an undeniable priority—in LA recently, Campbell himself was among the protesters. In response, pro skateboarders have auctioned off their possessions and held raffles to support the cause, while brands have pledged a huge chunk of their revenue; to date, over $1M in donations have supported legal defense funds and sent an unmistakable message that skateboarders really are in this together.

“Kareem Campbell was such an influence and mentor to me”

In The Muska’s Instagram announcement, he reminds all of his fans, and the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame nominating committee, that perhaps the only reason why he has achieved so much success is because he followed Campbell’s example. And this extends far beyond skateboarding prowess: Campbell’s influence in footwear inspired The Muska to likewise follow in his footsteps, so to speak. “Kareem Campbell was such an influence and mentor to me,” The Muska states. “The music he put in his videos, the team of skaters he formed, the shoes he designed and the companies he built were the blueprint for everything I went on to do. It is only right that Kareem is inducted before me.”

The Skateboarding Hall Of Fame launched in 2009, honoring pros and industry pioneers. The International Association Of Skateboard Companies members, along with historians, fellow pros, editors, and the industry, are involved in the annual voting process. (SHOF 2020’s ceremony date has yet to be announced.) The Muska’s fellow 2020 inductees are John “Tex” Gibson, Bob Biniak, Chris Strople, Deanna Calkins, Dennis Martinez, Ed Nadalin, George Orton, Jerry Valdez, John Freis, Marty Grimes, Doug “Pineapple” Saladino, Ray Barbee, Rick Blackhart, Teri Lawrence, Waldo Autry, Hobie Alter, and Paul Schmitt.

The Muska asks that you help make Campbell’s Hall of Fame induction a reality by reposting on every platform with the hashtag #KareemHallOfFame.

Check out some of our projects with The Muska over the years, including his recent THPS alumni reunion with Campbell, below:

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