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Chase Gabor Breaks Down Kelly Hart’s Recruit Part

Chase Gabor recently started uploading some epic behind the scenes content from his 15 years at The Berrics to his YouTube Channel. In this video, Chase breaks down the behind the scenes of what was going on during the filming of Kelly Hart‘s incredible 2010 ‘Recruit’ along with some stories of other pros coming through The Berrics at the time like Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Shane O’neill, Mark Appleyard, Eric Koston, Chris Cole, Andrew Reynolds, Luan Oliveira, Jimmy Carlin, Torey Pudwill, Chad Muska, Jamie Thomas, LRG, Expedition One, Ryan Gallant, Kenny Hoyle, Mikey Taylor, Joey Brezinski, Chico Brenes, Walker Ryan and Giovanni Reda. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the inside scoop on what it was like for Kelly to film his Recruit, along with the LRG and Expedition One ‘United Nations’ videos simultaneously back in the old park.

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