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Colin Kennedy Interviewed on The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

From Ross Capicchioni’s Aberrican Me, Austyn Gillette’s QUIK, and Chaz Ortiz’s Go All Day, our friend and Berrics filmer alumni Colin Kennedy has not only created some of our favorite Berrics videos, but he’s been a part of some of our favorite skateboarding videos in general. We’re extremely excited to sit down and listen to Colin Kennedy tell all on the latest episode of The Nine Club with Chris Roberts. With how much history Colin & his lenses have seen and so many incredible projects under his belt, it’s a miracle this episode wasn’t at least 5 hours longer…

From his intuitive work at 411 to his meticulous vision behind DVS Skate More, sit down with Colin Kennedy to hear how he got into film making, filming and editing for 411 Video Magazine, getting hired by DVS, behind the scenes stories from DVS’s ‘Skate More’ video, music usage in skate videos, starting to work for The Berrics in 2011 and his first project at The Berrics being ‘Aberrican Me’ the Ross Capicchioni story, what it was like to film the Miles Silvas ‘One Stop’ video in downtown LA, working on ‘Quik’ with Austyn Gillette, filming Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song for ‘HOA’, making the The LA Boys documentary, the current state of skateboarding videos, what else Colin is working on and much more!

Listen to Colin’s episode above, and check out some of our favorite projects that Colin has worked on, below!

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