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Commune Capital Spends a Day with Ryan Clements

Join Commune Capital as they spend the day with Ryan Clements to learn more about the skateboarding entrepreneur and his inspiring story of entrepreneurship in the skateboard industry. Clements got into investments early on by buying a house in his 20s and starting his own lawn mowing business in Florida before going to work at The Skatepark of Tampa. After years of experience in the skateboarding industry, Ryan founded The Boardr, an events-based skateboarding company, and Excel, a global professional skateboard management agency. In Commune Capital‘s latest video, Clements shares some advise for aspiring entrepreneurs like the value of owning assets and avoiding the party lifestyle in your youth, and the realization of the ability to continue to create your life in any capacity. Take an inside look at what it’s like to be a powerhouse skateboarding entrepreneur in Commune’s latest video, above.

Last year, Liquid Death gave us an inside look at the thriving business owned by Mikey Taylor. Watch ‘Skater Owned,’ below!

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