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Corey Duffel has left Foundation. Let that sink in. For 18 years, the pro has been the unmistakable face of the brand, embodying the attitude and energy that the House of Swank has worked hard to keep pure for over 3 decades. The standard order of operations when a pro leaves a sponsor is to offer thank yous, bid a fond farewell, and give no insight whatsoever. Duffel understands that his many of fans will want the nitty gritty on his departure, so he (brilliantly) posted a 626-word resignation letter (not an epitaph, God forbid) to Instagram, below:

“How to start this? where to begin? My entire adult life so far has been with Foundation Super Co. In 2001 they started sending me blank skateboards and wheels to see what I would do next. It was simple, I wanted to skateboard and move ahead of yesterdays papers. To be a part of a family. Over the next year I was put on the team and brought on my first tour as a 17 year old in school. I left for a bout three weeks on the road through the pacific northwest with the small team and special guest Dorian Tucker. Tony Silva, Jon West, Ethan Fowler, Daniel Shimizu. I was a part of something that was so incredibly awesome! I experienced a lot on this trip. It was my first time away from home for such a long time. I was acquainted to a lot of wild and experiences. Experience is something we like to call our mistakes. They were amazing nonetheless.

“For the past 18 years Foundation gave me a home to be myself, and live the life i dreamed of as a kid. To be a “professional” skateboarder. What it means? I don’t know? I do know it was one hell of a ride and I don’t know exactly what comes next. 18 years is a long time. Half my life. This is like leaving the nest for the first time again. Learning to fly. Feeling the wind in my wings and having blind faith that I am making the right decision and flying towards epic new horizons. Not looking for a sanctuary, but looking for new adventures and I know it will be a much different current than the one i’ve been on. I have no clue if this is the right decision, but in my heart i feel the only way i can continue to grow is by accepting change and looking forward to it. This was a decision made with love, and not hate. No animosity. Nothing but love for Tod Swank, Matt Barker, Nilo, Tara and the many others at Tumyeto who have been helping me out since I was a teen. They’ve watched me grow up. The team, the sales team. This is my family and they always will be. Families take different paths in life, but will always be family. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Tod and FOSKCO for giving me a chance and taking care of me for the amount of years they have.

“I cry as i write this letter, and i have been thinking of how to address it publicly for over two months. I have no idea, so I am writing down my thoughts. Some of you are aware of it and to most everyone it is a surprise I imagine. Maybe there was subtle hints in recent photos and posts. The fact is, this is what has happened. I quit Foundation skateboards after 18 years. I cannot say thanks enough to all my fans for the support over these years. Whatever comes next, I hope I still have your support and love. Heaven knows ill be needing it. As a pro skater I feel like i am nothing with out you all. There is no pro skating with out fans. I dont even think it’s a break up. This is something entirely different. Im moving forward as a person I don’t know what it is, but i can assure this. I am not retiring or some shit like that. I want to skate as hard as I can. To collaborate on awesome projects with friends. Heres to change. Never forget the past, but don’t be a prisoner to it either. Change is mandatory. with love, xoxo. Thank you all

That’s life. Best of luck to you, Duffman!

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