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On this week’s The Nine Club, Corey Duffel discusses growing up in Walnut Creek, California, getting on Think Skateboards at 13 years old, almost riding for Baker Skateboards, going to Huntington Beach to stay with Ed Templeton, his Big Brother interview, getting on Foundation Skateboards, some of his worst slams, skating with Jamie Thomas, filming for a new video part, and much more!

Duffel has been judged harshly over the years, which has contributed to his general reluctance to do any probing deep dives into his life. For a little more insight into Duffel’s apprehension about doing interviews, peep this recent post on his Instagram. Full text below:

*I am insecure and I do not like talking. I have trouble pronouncing words because of my speech impediment and this has made me very shy, awkward and scared. When I ramble it’s because I’m nervous and just start mumbling about nothing instead of saying something intelligent. Probably because I am not intelligent. I’m just some dude that likes to laugh, smile and have a good time with everyone I meet. I put my heart on the line and wear it on my shirt. I’m naive and ignorant, but always want to move forward and learn. Most can’t understand a word I try to say. My brain doesn’t even know what’s going on. I’m a jack ass. I’m a loser. I’m a skateboarder that loves skateboarding…..It’s my life and all I know, plus a few punk records. *

Tomorrow I have an episode on the @thenineclub coming out, and I’m hecka nervous. I texted them today that I didn’t want it going live because I’m so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Everyone tells me to chill and it’s all good. I don’t care what any reviews or spectators say because I’ve never done it for them. What I do is for myself, and never has been for anyone but myself. Maybe that comes across in my videos and photos. Putting stuff out is the hardest thing in the world for me because it’s my art and I never exit Ted the world to see or hear it. People hate me. People like me. I never said I was a saint of wanted to be. Just some dude. I never asked for fame. I never searched for it. I just wanted to skateboard and laugh with my friends. It’s all I still want to do. I love skateboarding and I hope it shows in my episode with the homies. I’m just the happy curmudgeon lost in a world of my own. Love you all, but also fuck you all :) xoxo

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