Crailtap premieres the first “WEAKDAYS” of The New Year

Crailtap has been a huge influence in the digital skate media realm for many, many years. Among the brand’s deep bag of video series, the casual Girl/Chocolate team sesh videos ‘Weakdays’ has cranked back up in full swing for the new year! The boys head up to Manderson’s compound for another Weakdays session featuring Vincent Alvarez, Tyler Pacheco, Hart Pullman, James Capps, Stevie Perez, Cody Chapman, Rick McCrank, Griffin Gass, and the Manderson himself, Mike Anderson.

Filmed by John Marello & Robin Wilson

Girl and Chocolate’s riders have been working with The Berrics since before a single clip was filmed in our teeny, tiny Myers St. private warehouse. (Ty Evans put together an awesome ‘Skate Fairy’ episode devoted to the LA sanctuary in 2006.) Check out a random assortment of Crail projects form the past eleven years, below (thanks for the memories!):


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