DAEWON SONG INTERVIEW — With Monster Children

DAEWON SONG INTERVIEW -- With Monster Children

Daewon Song is one of the most technically gifted skaters of all time. Many of his tricks defy logic. Daewon put out his first part 25 years ago in World Industries’s Love Child, and has not released anything subpar in two and a half decades. In his latest interview with Monster Children, Daewon reveals that he’s currently working on a new street part that will reference every era of his career. 

“I’m working on a video part. All just straight up street. I haven’t had a full video part in a while. I’m super motivated just to go out there and just film a part. I want to fill this part with everything that’s gone on in my life and skate career. I want to fill it up and over every era of my skate career.”

For more on Daweon, check out the full interview.

Daewon Song | Off The Grid

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