Dan Plunkett Puts Everything On Blast In ‘10 Things I Hate’

Dan Plunkett (AKA everyone’s favorite troublemaker) gets the opportunity to vent his frustrations in Monster Children‘s latest episode of ‘10 Things I Hate.’ The consistently entertaining series has taken shots at some of skateboarding’s most hallowed subjects as well as those daily annoyances which we can all agree on, but on this go-round Plunkett takes a different approach and gives you the unfiltered truth about VX, pool cues, and hand dryers. (The title ‘10 Things I Hate’ is missing one or two zeroes with Plunkett on board.) With a special appearance by Berrics co-founder Eric Koston.

Plunkett has worked with The Berrics since back in the OG park days. Watch a handful of his projects, including his super-weird BATB 9 match versus homeboy Josh Matthews, below:

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