Darkstar Announces Regrowth Sustainability Mission

Darkstar Skateboards is committing to improving its manufacturing practices for the future of skateboarding. The company has announced its ‘Regrowth’ initiative, joining forces with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees and reduce a carbon footprint through clean manufacturing. Read Darkstar’s release, below:

“‘Regrowth’ is a sustainability mission to reduce our carbon footprint through clean manufacturing, fair labor practices, giving back to the community, and planting 3+ trees for each harvested to make skateboards with the National Forest Foundation.

“For more info on Dwindle Distribution Sustainability efforts, visit For more info on the National Forest Foundation, visit”

We’ve been known to go to the dark side over the years. Check out some of the work Darkstar has done with The Berrics—including exclusive parts from Santana Saldana, Ryan Decenzo, and Ke’Chaud Johnson—below:

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