Dew Tour Spends a Day In Oceanside With Allysha Le

Dew Tour caught up with Allysha Le in Oceanside, where she’s been living for the past three years, for its latest episode of ‘Aimless’. She takes you to her favorite spot to enjoy a coffee, her favorite spot to pick up some manga and games, and shows you one of her favorite thrift pickups—all while wearing her favorite striped shirt.

Le has been a contest phenom since 2011 when she won the Vans Girls Combi Classic, but she made a conscious decision in the past year to skip all the Olympic qualifiers and focus instead on putting together a part. Primarily known as a bowl/transition skater, Le is getting out of her comfort zone and learning to skate more street stuff now… Battle Angel Allysha’s next part is gonna be unlike anything we’ve seen from her over the years. Watch her episode of ‘Aimless’, above!

Watch Le’s recent First Try Fridays with Sam Narvaez, and recent Liquid Death project in the park, below:

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