ERIC KOSTON INTERVIEW — Chromeball Incident #101

ERIC KOSTON INTERVIEW -- Chromeball Incident #101

Eric Koston has had a long and illustrious career in skateboarding. Chromeball Incident released an interview with Eric today that spans its entirety. And it’s quite the read. At the end, Eric spills the beans on the two new additions to the Numbers team.

Anybody else lined up for Numbers currently? Any new member that you’re about to announce?

*It kinda leaked because we put it in our sales .pdf but Kyron Davis and Magnus Bordewick. We just haven’t gone through our “public” roll-out yet. But yeah, Magnus and Kyron are the new additions. *

This pretty much covers all things Eric. So if you have any burning question, dig in immediately.

NUMBERS | “12:45”

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