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Eric Koston Talks Vert with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis on The Hawk vs Wolf Podcast

Eric Koston sits down with Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis to share a plethora of skate knowledge on the Hawk vs Wolf podcast. Considering the in-depth history between these three legends, it’s a miracle they kept the show’s runtime just at an hour. The trio talk about Koston getting into skating from his older brother in 85, Tony and Koston metting in 1991, Koston showing Tony spots and filming most of Tony’s Feasters part, having a mental breakdown while filming in the streets, shooting the Tony Hawk’s Trick Tip Videos, growing up skating street and transition, what it was like watching Mark Gonzalez skate in person, injuries over the years, recovery and strength training, Koston turning down the 1st THPS game, how being in the rest of the THPS games changed his life and how it brought skateboarding to the mainstream, stories from the Gigantic Skatepark Tour, and much more! Sit back, relax, and listen to Frosty dish out the goods with Tony and Jason.

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