Last Month, Today General Ops Chris Cole's Battle Royale Skate Or Dice

LAST MONTH, TODAY — October 2016

October is a chilly, rainy reminder that summer is over. October on The Berrics began with John Dilo manualing us into a state of utter denial (summer can’t be over already!) and he was Bangin’ our heads in with an unbelievable nose manny in the park. Nyjah Huston and Alex Midler also had a Bangin’ October. Josh Kalis and Tiago Lemos looked for the most hectic area possible to go Off The Grid, where Kalis did his patented 360 flip into that steep-ass hill on 5th street. What a packed month: Ronnie Creager and Dave Bachinsky got “Tricki”; Chris Mulhern debuted his “Untitled series in SAS-Export; P-Rod and Nick Tucker got real Primitive with a Battle Royale; DVS joined the United Nations; and Cody Mac upped the ante in Skate Or Dice (toothpicks all around!). We’re starting to kinda like October.

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