Globe Announces Sustainable ‘Low Velocity’ Line

Globe is bucking against the fast fashion trend with their latest initiative, and the timing is perfect. Announced shortly before California’s freak “fire tornado” wreaked havoc in the state last week (and the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth yesterday), Globe’s environmentally focused ‘Low Velocity’ clothing program produces high-quality, sustainable goods—clothes that will last and won’t slowly destroy our planet by (among other things) guzzling up all our water. Materials include recycled polyester, organic cotton, and a space-age fabric called Cocotex which is made from coconut husks! This is a huge step for a company of this size—befitting their name—and one we obviously hope to see emulated, for our planet’s sake.

Read more about out the ‘Low Velocity’ line at the Globe site, and check out a new team video for the launch—featuring Mark Appleyard, Sammy Montano, and more—above.

Last year, we sat down with Globe’s Chet Thomas to get some history behind the brand’s best-selling shoe, the CT-IV. (If you were skating in 2001-2002, chances are your feet were securely nestled in a pair of these bad boys.) Watch the video below:

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