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GoPro is back with a truly “heroic” return to the marketplace with the HERO7 Black, possibly the company’s most advanced camera. The new line was “leaked” last month by B&H Photo (oops?), and soon afterwards every business (“GoPro is back in the black!”) and tech blog ”the stabilization is OP, beep boop”) was singing the HERO7 Black’s praises. So far, thanks to comparison videos like the one by Wired above, the new camera line is living up to the hype in a major way.

The always progressive GoPro HERO camera line has long been considered one of skateboarding’s most versatile options for low-key clip filming. The added features include “SuperPhoto,” “TimeWarp,” and something called “Hypersmooth.” Sounds pretty self-explanatory. The applications of these advancements in skateboarding, though? We are probably looking at a whole new era of quality, non-shaky independent skate clips and homie edits that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The HERO7 White, Silver, and Black, are available now. Follow GoPro’s Twitter for updates.

Here’s the camera in action (via Dr. Purpleteeth’s Instagram account) featuring Chris Cobra Cole:

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