GoPro Skate Goes International — Welcome Andrew Brophy, Madars Apse, and Aurelien Giraud to the GoPro Family


GoPro ‘Goes Global’ officially announcing their newest additions to the team, Andrew Brophy, Madars Apse, and Aurelien Giraud. Check out these videos featuring the trio representing their respected countries of Australia, Lativa, and France.

Madars Apse Lativa:

Madars travels the world to skate, and stacks clips with ease. He can skate any spot, but the ripper calls Lativa his home. Madars holds a degree in marketing, and when he’s not out stacking clips, he’s building his own cutting edge series, “It’s a Mad World.”

Aurelien Giraud France:

Frenchman, Aurelien Giraud, won Tampa Am 2015, at the young age of 17. It’s safe to say Aurelien has a high ceiling, especially with the consistency surrounding his bag of tricks. Marry Poppins wasn’t French, but this guy sure has her bag. 

Andrew Brophy Australia:

Does this guy really need an introduction? Andrew Brophy has been holding it down for Australia since day one, and can’t be more stoked to be a part of the GoPro family. “I’m so stoked to be apart of the GoPro family! It’s like the camera was designed around an on-the-go lifestyle; turn it on, point and pull the trigger! With my kids, family and skateboarding, it’s the perfect choice!

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