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Hypebeast Interviews Olympic Medalist Cory Juneau

Hypebeast Interviews Olympic Medalist Cory Juneau

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Hypebeast recently got a chance to chat with Olympic Park bronze medalist Cory Juneau about his experiences at Tokyo 2020, and he spills the beans about skating’s perception these days and his collaboration with high-end shoe brand Golden Goose (typically $500-ish, give or take a few dollars). You can see him rocking the shoes with the distinctive star logo during his runs, and he stands by how comfortable they are. This is the first time that the shoe brand has worked with any athlete, much less an Olympic-level skater with unique demands for his shoes. (Good timing!) Read all about how Juneau’s Golden Goose partnership came about at the Hypebeast site.

Thanks to all of you who have followed our Olympics coverage over the past five years—ever since details about skateboarding in the big show started to trickle down from the information spout in 2016. Our long-running ‘Pushing For Gold’ series introduced you to the skaters of the American team, and we even hosted the U.S. National Championships this year! (This wouldn’t have been possible without support from Got Milk and TikTok, so crack open a cold one and watch some lip syncing videos today!)

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