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Indy Teaches you How To Build a Double Sided Curb with Sam Hitz

Sam Hitz hits his home turf in Miltown to show you how to build a buttery double sided curb for Independent Trucks. Tap in with Sam Hitz and his build crew (Mitchel Schmidt, Jon Bartles, Rabs, and Robbie Pauly) to see the step-by-step process of building a DIY doubled sided curb. Don’t forget the best part about building a new obstacle… shredding it with your homies! After the curb is complete, the session commences with Sam Hitz, Mitchtel Schmidt, Danny Stemper, Nick Mistele, Felix Meyers, Max Murphy, Taylor Lalk, John Mcguire, Jerome Urbaniak, Dylan Shanahan, Mike Kierzek and Alexander Keck as the crew tears the curb to shreds (figuratively speaking) in the latest episode of Build To Grind, filmed By Joey Beaver.

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