We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Jamie Foy several times over the years, and it’s always a good time. He’s an open book—a book that can be an intimidating read at first, but ends up being the Great American Novel. That’s Foy. 

And, to continue the book metaphor, you can’t judge Foy by his cover. He famously doesn’t have a typical skate physique—his teammates are known to call him “Big Boy Foy,” and HE LETS THEM!—and UK’s Route One, memorably, makes a point of broaching this topic in the interview. (Good on them.) Foy answers with characteristic grace, at 5:27, describing how his differently sized fans express their gratitude for inspiring them:

When [fans] come up to me and say that stuff it makes me super happy! I love that I can get to that other group of people that maybe felt like they weren’t getting talked to at all… that I can broaden their horizons to see that it’s all possible. You just gotta have fun and keep doing what you’re doing.

Foy plays Diego Najera in BATB 11 this Sunday.

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