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Jonny Hernandez’s éS Accel Slim Colorway

In the ever-changing world, one thing remains constant: skateboarding’s unstoppable evolution. Emerging talent like éS team rider Jonny Hernandez, aka Jon1of1, is at the forefront. Jonny embodies a sense of camaraderie and optimism that defines skateboarding as a way of life. Now, he introduces his signature colorway for éS Footwear, the Accel Slim x Jon 1 of 1.

Jonny Hernandez's éS Accel Slim Colorway

Hailing from the vibrant Latino community of Huntington Park, Jonny’s skating ethos is deeply rooted in hard work and an appreciation for the hustle seen daily in his neighborhood and he incorporates those ethics into his first colorway for éS. Join Jonny on his journey, embrace the optimism, and skate into the future with éS and the Accel Slim x Jon 1 of 1 available now on and at skate shops near you.

Jonny Hernandez's éS Accel Slim Colorway

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