Catch Up With WKND’s Jordan Taylor In ‘Pocket Call’

Over the past couple of years Pocket Mag have become known for their stellar ‘Followed’ series, but with the current health crisis—and required social distancing—it’s been kind of hard to actually follow anyone in person lately. As a workaround, the mag has launched ‘Pocket Call,’ which is like FaceTime on steroids, and for the first episode they picked the always entertaining Jordan Taylor and his revolving cast of offbeat personas. Essentially an interview, ‘Pocket Call’ caps off with a spirited Would You Rather?-type game called ‘Pick One’ (although Taylor’s decisions were a little too quick for some of these humiliating scenarios…). Watch the first ep above!

Taylor and his sponsor WKND go way back with The Berrics. Check out the brand’s Trajectory from 2016, below.

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