Ignacio Echeverria

Ignacio Echeverria. Photo courtesy of family, via the BBC.

June 3, 2017 was a dark day in London as terrorists killed eight. But Ignacio Echeverria’s bravery continues to be a bright spot—the skater attempted to fend off the senseless violence with his board, fighting off three of the terrorists, and died in the process. His family accepted the George Medal for bravery on his behalf yesterday.

The ceremony went down at Buckingham Palace. Echeverria’s father, Joaquín Echeverría Alonso, accepted the award along with Echeverria’s mother, Miralles De Imperial Hornedo. Mr. Echeverria Alonso mentioned something chilling when accepting the medal, referencing the Westminster Bridge attack that happened three months before London Bridge:

“Ignacio told us that if he had have been skateboarding past on that occasion then the police officer would have survived, because he would have tried to help.

“Later, during the attack at London Bridge, he demonstrated this through his actions.”

The George Medal was created in 1940 to reward acts of civilian bravery. 

Read the full story over at the BBC site, entitled "Skateboard Hero Receives Bravery Award."

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