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 Mark Frolich One For Mama

Backside heelflip… for mama.

WORDS: Stu Gomez // PHOTOS: Fabien Ponsero

For his mom’s 60th birthday, German Jart Pro Mark Frolich set out to make a video part dedicated to her. "One For Mama" premiered last week, shortly after his mum’s birthday. As you can see from his photos and interview, Mark went all out—that ender is a mother.

First of all, tell me about your relationship with your mum. Did she support you in skateboarding?

My relationship with my mum is good these days. We live in different countries (her, Germany; me, Spain) so we only get to see each other every few months, but we always keep in touch and when I see my family we spend good times together. Nowadays my mum supports me in skateboarding, it’s not that she’s super involved with it but she is interested in what I’m doing, wishes me well, and always has an open ear for me and—a lot of times—good advice, as well.

For both my parents, earlier, it was hard to understand what I was about with skateboarding and being so into it—spending all my free time on my board in the streets and all that—I guess they were just worried. They were both skeptical if this is a good way for me to go, especially when I let them know that after finishing school I wanted to focus on it even more.

But, with the years things have changed and I’m really happy for that. I’d say they understand that I’ve found my way and that it’s up to me to choose what I want in life, and I guess they’ve seen my efforts and they respect that. I’m really happy things have evolved with that topic and I know it has taken some effort on their side, as well, to understand me better, to open up and be happy with what I’m doing. I know they always had good intentions anyway and the fact they have tried to be more and more supportive over the years makes it all the better.

Was there ever a point, as a young skater, when your parents threatened to take your board away?

Yeah, I think there actually was one time they both tried to take away my board. I guess I told them that if they would keep up with that I might just leave home, and I guess I was pretty serious about it… so they dropped it rather quickly, haha!

I don`t think I really deserved it, but what do i know? I probably ticked them off pretty badly!

 Mark Frolich One For Mama

Half-Cab 5-0 backside flip.

When your mum was younger, was she passionate about anything in the way you are about skating?

My mum was and still is a very active person, has good stamina and enjoys being sportive. I would bet even today she takes out most twenty-year-olds on the bike, no problem. I don’t think she has been as much into something as I am with skateboarding, but she can be pretty focused. She has been into biking for a long time, earlier they have both been wind-surfing a lot, and she’s been into painting for a lot of years, too.

How did you come up with the “video part for mum” concept?

Parents always like a self-made present from their kids right?! So that was the idea.

I just thought it was something different, and I guess it’s also a way for me to say thanks to her for making the effort to be more supportive with me and skateboarding. I guess this issue has been a bit in the middle some years back, so I’m really happy for how things are now.

 Mark Frolich One For Mama


Were you rushing to get tricks in time for her 60th birthday?

Puh… the window was really small, actually. I just premiered a video project of mine called “Brainstorm” on March 16 in Barcelona. It’s not out yet on the web, but it should be released really soon. I have been busy with this for about two years and finished filming at the beginning of March.

So, yeah, this part has actually come together in, like, a month and a half… plus, i had some tricks left from before. I guess we can say in this case there as been a bit of a rush, haha.

What do you think her reaction will be to your part?

I hope she will like it; I hope she can enjoy it.

Do you have a local premiere planned?

I am here, at my parents’ place, since yesterday and tomorrow is her b-day, so I guess I will show it to her at one point. Let’s see how that goes, haha. I’m guessing she’ll be surprised.

Mark Frolich One For Mama

Gap to crooks.

During filming, do you remember any moments when you were like, “Right, mum—this one’s for you!”

Yeah, that nosegrind shuvit transfer on that rail to bank… puh, that one took quite a bit, and I had a pretty bad heel bruise at that time. I remember thinking while I was trying, “Come on, man. Hang in there—it’s for your mama.”

And the Cab nosegrind the bench-over gap, that was another one. It was one of these days where it was just hard to pull the trigger. Cold, windy, wavy and dusty runup—one of these days where it’s just hard to commit. I know I just had to really go for it to do it and I was starting to really get annoyed by bailing over and over. That was pretty much when it happened: after some shitty tries I guess I was just like, Okay, fuck it I’m going for it, and it worked.

Mark Frolich One For Mama

Frontside Noseslide.

Was there a lot of pressure to film because of your mum?

Nah, I tried to keep the pressure out of this. I know she wouldn`t want that for me.

I had a great time filming for this (special thanks go out to Thomas Pfeiffer for helping me out with most of the filming) and if she will have a good time watching it, it would make it even better.

Any other big plans for her birthday?

Well, nothing too big, but we’re gonna have a party here tomorrow, for sure: BBQ, friends and family, drinks, and we’ll play some life-music for her as well. Some guys from my dad´s band are coming and they’re gonna help us out and put some songs together.

Mark Frolich One For MamaBackside overcrook.

Mark Frolich One For MamaWallride nollie out.

Mark Frolich One For Mama

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