Maurio McCoy Tells You All His Setup Secrets

Team U.S.A.’s Maurio McCoy makes everything look easy, from kickflips to noseblunt slides. But when it comes to his setup, things can get a little complex. He talks with Dew Tour in the latest episode of ‘Setups’ about how he puts together his 8.25” Winkowski model, and when he got to the point where explains how he strategically places his stickers we had to pause the video to take notes—this is seriously next level. We love McCoy, and just like a good sticker, he’s never been more a-peel-ing than in this video.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with McCoy since 2016 when we featured him in our Next New Wave series; take a look at some of his projects with The Berrics over the past three years, below:

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