NEENO’S ESSENTIALS — Neen Williams’s Cooking Show

On Monday, we posted about the healthy lifestyle that Neen Williams has been living. It includes sobriety, eating healthy, and a regular workout routine in addition to skateboarding. We failed to mention that Neen also launched his own cooking show called Neeno’s Essentials a couple of months ago. He demonstrates how to make a variety of clean dishes that are packed with nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. They also look pretty damn tasty!

Check the latest episode that was uploaded last night above, and make sure you hit the subscribe button on Neen’s channel. And since nothing goes better with chopping ingredients than the right tunes, check Neen’s Playlist from March below to get an idea of what he’s probably listening to while he’s cooking up the deliciousness. 

“Not a damn chance!”

Playlist | Neen Williams

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