Off The Grid

OFF THE GRID — with Kenny Anderson & Thalente Biyela

Sometimes the industry of skateboarding can take itself a little bit too serious and I understand why. There’s a lot of passion rolling around on those four wheels and for as much as the people like to talk about how skateboarding isn’t about the money, when you’re a business, sometimes it has to be about the money. No single company can operate at a deficit, unless you’re the US government. Mixed in with all that passion there has to be a little bit of a businessman inside us because no one in the industry grew up wanting to be an insurance salesman because that’s no fun and skateboarding is. So, to celebrate that fact, and to prove you can have it just about anywhere when you have a skateboard, we created Off the Grid. For a pro skateboarder whose life can be stressed out due to filming for videos, shooting photos and skating in contests, sometimes he has to go off the grid just to have a little fun. Enjoy. — sb

Our very own Colin Kennedy helped produce “I Am Thalente,” a documentary charting the inspirational journey of Thalente Biyela. The love of skateboarding empowered Thalente’s escape from homelessness, as the feature-film recounts the young man’s journey to America, and the forging of relationships with Professional skateboarders who helped him get there. “I Am Thalente” has been made available for pre-order on iTunes, April 6th, 2016. Click Here!

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