Watch PJ Ladd’s ‘Swordsman’ Video Here

Filmer Kyle Camarillo has launched a new video series featuring some of his favorite skaters, rolling around in their hometowns in slow motion, called ‘Swordsman.’ The first episode features the 2-time BATB champ PJ Ladd, and he’s skating—you guessed it—Boston (during pandemic quarantine times, may they never return). PJ Ladd + harp music + slow-mo x Boston = wicked pissah. And Camarillo gets mad cinematic with it! Watch the first episode of ‘Swordsman’ above!

Ladd, Ladd, Ladd. Where do we start? The star of PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life has been at the top of the list of Berrics poster children for at least 13 years. My how time flies… Check out a handful of his many projects with us, below:

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