Beginning in 1984, Powell-Peralta released a game-changing series of 6 videos featuring the “Bones Brigade.” By 1986, this dream team became the biggest global phenomenon that skateboarding had ever seen, and now you can experience a major crossroad for the team in Ban This, the company’s fifth official full-length (from 1989) on Powell-Peralta’s YouTube channel.

Ban This was a blockbuster in the truest sense of the word. If you didn’t own a copy (at the time retailing for $40, which adjusted for inflation is about $77), someone you knew had one. This video introduced the LA Boys—Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodriguez, Paulo Diaz, and Guy Mariano—setting in motion one of the most interesting chain of events in skate history. (See Colin Kennedy‘s documentary The LA Boys for more on this.)

Powell-Peralta plans on releasing each of the Bones Brigade’s 6 videos on a weekly basis (last week, it uploaded the company’s second full-length Future Primitive) both as full-length uploads and chapters. This is an idea that is not only educational (each of the Powell-Peralta videos are historically significant artifacts) but also entertaining as fuck. Younger generations may not realize that many of the tropes of contemporary skate videos are inspired by Stacy Peralta and company’s groundwork—skits, in particular, were memorably featured in the extra-long Ban This.

Since Mariano got his start with this video, why not take a look back at his complete Life On Video culminating in his 2014 part:

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