ISM — Intelligent Skate Music

Throughout the ‘90s and early ‘00s, Zoo York produced many classic videos including Heads, Peep This, and the E.S.T. series that provided the rest of the world with a porthole into the East Coast scene. Aside from the skating, what made these videos unique were the soundtracks featured on them. Due to copyright laws, all of the tracks used were produced by Zoo York and SHUT co-founder Eli Gesner. These original compositions became their own sub-genre of hip hop that was named ISM or Intelligent Skate Music by Gesner and RB Umali. The music had been lost for 20 years until recently when a CD containing it was unearthed by Eli in his storage unit in Los Angeles. NY Skateboarding sat down with Umali and Gesner to talk about the music used in their classic videos—which is now available for streaming on Gesner’s SoundCloud.

Shoot All Skaters – RB Umali – Part 1

Shoot All Skaters – RB Umali – Part 2

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