If you were a UK ’80s baby, chance are you’re familiar with the seminal skate mag RaD (Read and Destroy). First published 30 years ago, the mag was instrumental in shaping the worldview of countless UK and European skaters. Now, through the tireless work of some RaD devotees, the mag is positioned to get a second life via a 2-volume book set.

The immense catalog of archival photos are a goldmine, and the RaD team is digitizing every single one ‘em! This project is a beast; naturally, the people behind it need a few bob to keep the lorry running. If you can donate, please try to do so within the next two days—the pledge period expires Thursday at 2:15 a.m. PDT. Visit RaD’s Kickstarter page now!

Here are some more details about the campaign:

RaD documented a unique time, place and attitude within youth culture – significantly capturing skateboarding’s death, re-birth and progression. For a generation of 1980s youth; pre X Games and the internet, the magazine was a vital connection to their subculture; featuring all the best visiting US professional skaters and showcasing skateboarding talent, both amateur and professional from across the UK and Europe. Under the editorship of Tim Leighton-Boyce an experimental, seemingly irreverent approach quickly established itself – the end result, closer to a fanzine than a traditional glossy news-stand publication. Read and Destroy (preconceptions).

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