Issey Yumiba Recruited

Scheduling content for The Berrics is a constant balancing act between filling out the calendar and managing what is physically possible to film and edit in such tight timeframes. With BATB V coming to a close, we knew the following weekend’s stuff had to be something special – but we only had a week to make it happen. We produced a short list of skaters we thought would be up for it – but then all quickly agreed that Issey Yumiba was the best choice. Having filmed with him in the past, I knew how talented and dedicated he was. That’s why it was no surprise when he showed up with a tent and charcoal grill, ready to set up camp in the park until his part was complete. After the longest five days in our recent memories, we are proud to share with you the video embedded above. I can’t say I’m looking forward to trying to duplicate the same feat anytime soon, but it has definitely been an experience I won’t forget. Congratulations Issey, you are one of the hardest working skateboarders I know! – Chase