Rob Pluhowski — Bobshirt Interview

Before the dawn of social media, it was relatively easy to disappear. This is evidenced by Rob Pluhowski. Despite never turning pro, Rob was one of the most well-respected skaters of his era. The New Jersey native is a contemporary of legends including Anthony Pappalardo, Brian Wenning, and Tim O’Connor. He skated Love Park during its heyday and was sponsored by top-tier companies including Element and Habitat. Pluhowski’s parts in Element’s Third Eye View [1998] and Habitat’s Mosaic [2003] still stand up today. One day, without warning, Pluhowski vanished from the scene. 

Bobshirt caught up with Rob for an interview in which he takes a trip down memory lane, talks about why he walked away from skateboarding, and reveals what he’s up to these days. Gone, but not forgotten, sums this story up perfectly.

Rob Pluhowski | Mosaic

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