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Shintaro Hongo in ‘Timescan 2’

They say to save the best for last, and that’s exactly what Free Skate Mag did with Shintaro Hongo‘s closing part from Rob Taro‘s groundbreaking “Timescan 2” video.Hongo’s six-and-a-half-minutes of all-terrain ripping, quick footed precision, and unmatched creativity at spots is a perfect way to shut down a video.

“Timescan 2,” brought to life by filmmaker Rob Taro, is not your typical skate video. As a devoted fan of Japanese skateboarding with an outsider’s perspective, Rob Taro’s journey to create this project was marked by a unique blend of vision and immersion by connecting with a diverse array of skaters, each possessing their distinctive styles. Taro found a way to harmonize all sides of Japanese skateboarding into a single, breathtaking project. With his unique advantages and deep connections within the Japanese skate scene, he crafted something entirely new, a creation only he could conceive.

In his own words, Taro reflects, “I have an outsider’s perspective, but I also have the ability to communicate with everyone, and I have been living here in Japan for more than eight years now. Over my years living here, I was able to meet all these incredible people of all different styles and visions.” This very essence of diversity is what sets “Timescan 2” apart and Shintaro Hongo’s closing part is a testament to this diversity and innovation.

Watch the full part, above, and order the full “Timescan 2” video, HERE!