‘Slam’ Names Rob Pace Australian Skater Of The Year

Rob Pace has just received the honor of being named SLAM magazine‘s “Australian Skater Of The Year.” The title was first awarded by SLAM to Adelaide’s Cale Nuske in 2004.

This skater from New South Wales has appeared in numerous edits throughout 2021, and SLAM has packaged a crazy 3-minute highlight reel to showcase this 25-year-old’s talents. Rob really paced himself last year, and it paid off.

Clips in the above highlight reel were filmed by Brendan Gardoll, George Kousoulis, Jarrod Agnew, Alex Petkos, Geoff Campbell, Sam Sutton, and Blake Manning, and edited by Gardoll.

Here’s a full list of past SLAM Australian Skater Of The Year recipients:
2004: Cale Nuske
2005: Shane Cross
2006: Jake Duncombe
2007: Chima Ferguson
2008: Lewis Marnell
2009: Andrew Brophy
2010: Dane Burman
2011: Shane O’Neill
2012: Nick Boserio
2013: Tommy Fynn
2014: Jack Fardell
2015: Gabriel Summers
2016: Jake Hayes
2017: Jackson Pilz
2018: Alex Lawton
2019: Jack O’Grady
2020: Rowan Davis

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