SLS Games II Gets Serious With Round 3: Game Of O.U.T.

Street League Skateboarding (or should we say “Serious League”?) launched the latest edit of their tongue-in-cheek ‘SLS Games’ contest recently, pitting two teams led by reigning Run & Gun champion Paul Rodriguez (Paul Rodriguez, Na-Kel Smith, Manny Santiago) and Sean Malto (Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Dashawn Jordan). This is a two team, three versus three competition, where skill and passion are put to the test through four rounds. In the third round, they play a spirited round of O.U.T. (yeah you know me) and you won’t believe how it ends. They came, they saw, they didn’t take it too seriously… Watch the event, above!

Check out our 2019 SLS edit with Chad Muska, below:

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