Sofia’s Choice: Red Bull In Bulgaria

They call Sofia one of the greatest undiscovered European skate cities, but when a peripatetic skater is forced to choose between an obscure Bulgarian spot and MACBA, the situation can be a real Sofia’s Choice. Red Bull makes it easy for you to decide with its latest video, “Greetings From Sofia, Bulgaria,” which makes a strong case for the road less traveled. (Just don’t blow it out.) Here’s the YouTube description:

“The skate scene in Sofia has developed and flourished in almost total isolation from outside awareness until relatively recently. Prior to 1989, Bulgaria lay behind the Iron Curtain, a postwar demarcation of Communist states collectively known as the Eastern Bloc. Sofia has a magic to it as a city. It doesn’t have endless spots, but it’s a city so old that they can’t dig down in it without finding yet another civilization. The winters are just brutal, but the opening of 5-High Skatepark on the fifth floor of a funky converted industrial unit means the locals can skate all year round for the first time.”

Check our recent work at Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers, below:

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