‘Solo’ Premieres Magenta’s ‘Santa Cruise De Magenta’ Video

Bordeaux’s Magenta Skateboards has been globe-trotting a lot this year, even with varying pandemic rules from country-to-country. This morning, Solo magazine premiered a video featuring the team riders (and friends) shot in beautiful, sunny Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. As it turns out, the country is pretty strict about skateboarding in its busy streets (Soy Panday got a ticket), and masks were a must at every spot. C’est la vie.

Magenta’s videos are always a good pre-sesh choice: lots of fast powerslides (they call them “l’ royale with flatspot” over there), quick feet, weaving thru traffic, and a flip here and there thrown in for good measure. (Leo Valls is in rare form, following the “Ollie Less, Slide More” Magenta maxim.) Check out the Tenerife video, above!

Check out the brand’s extensive library of gems on their YT channel.… “Old Woops New Groove” is highly recommended.

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