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SOLO Skate Mag Shares Marco Kada’s ‘Sabbath’ Part

SOLO Skate Mag presents the latest part from Austrian tech lord
Marco Kada. It’s safe to say that Marco knows noseslides (he also knows Dustin Dollin, who edited this part), but what we’d like to know, is how someone can slide for miles on a front noseslide? Or how you can pop up that front nose into a fakie nosegrind to casually switch inward heelflip out? OR how you can bust out a backside noseslide shuv drop down to noseslide nollie heelflip out so easily? But what really boggles our mind, is how someone can be so tech-savvy with every flip out combination from a noseslide, and still have the buckness to nollie shuv the D7 block in NYC? Questions we’ll never get answered, but ones that Kada makes you think about in his ‘Sabbath’ part for SOLO.

Watch the full part, edited by Dustin Dollin, above!

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