JERRY HSU — The Nine Club Interview

In November, Jerry Hsu parted ways with Chocolate. Around the same time, Sci-Fi Fantasy’s presence began to grow in skateboarding. Jerry sheds some light on why he quit his former board sponsor, and what his plans for his new brand are moving forward, in the latest interview from The Nine Club. We pulled a couple of choice quotes from the nearly two-hour conversation below.

On Chocolate

“I don’t know. I just reached a point where I [realized that] it’s just not where I belong. I know that’s so vague. But if you’ve ever been a sponsored skater, and you get to that point, you know what it feels like.” [1:21:20]

On Sci-Fi Fantasy

“I had an idea to do something, just my own thing. I was just making it towards the end [of Chocolate]. I was just making it on my own—figuring out how to do it. I don’t even know what it is. I just make hoodies, shirts, hats, and stuff.” [1:22:22]

Watch the entire interview above.

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