The Nine Club sat down with Skin Phillips for its latest episode. Skin has a long and rich history in skateboarding. He’s worked as a  photographer, editor-in-chief of Transworld, and, most recently, the team manager at adidas. With a career that spans three decades, Skin obviously has stories. At the 1:22:20 mark, he tells an unknown gem about Tom Penny at the infamous Carlsbad Gap that’s a reminder of why Penny is one of the most celebrated skaters of all time.

“Penny went there and switched frontside flipped it. He went on his own without anyone. I’ll say that again. Penny went there on his own and switch frontside flipped it. They had to go back and shoot it.”

If you’d like to revisit this trick, have a look at Flip’s 411 Industry Section from 1995 below.

Flip | 411 Industry Section [1995]

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