Tum Yeto’s ‘Buy Local’ Program Is Supporting Local Shops In This Critical Time

tum yeto retail program

With so many businesses suffering as a result of the temporary closures associated with this current health crisis, your local skateshop needs your support now more than ever. Thankfully, you can still give them your money—even when their doors are closed and boards aren’t getting gripped. Today, Tum Yeto introduced their ‘Buy Local’ retail support program: The brand will issue a 25% credit from your Foundation, Toy Machine, and Pig Wheels purchases directly to your local shop. This credit will provide some financial relief to your local shop to help them stay afloat in these uncertain times. (Just enter the shop’s name in the ‘order comments’ section at the end of checkout. It’s that easy!) Shop Tum Yeto here.

By the way, did you know that the name Tum Yeto isn’t just a couple of random made-up words? That’s actually the phone number for the original warehouse: 886-9386. (Berra, who used to ride for Foundation, told us that a long time ago. Thanks for clearing that up, Berska!)

Foundation badass Cole Wilson (pictured in the above flyer, shot by Ed Dominick) has filmed some incredible projects with us over the past two years. Watch a few of these, including his Bangin featuring his Gnarliest Trick contender up the 7-rail, below:

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