United Nations

United Nations — Distreeto & Ground Control United

I can’t say this enough, I grew up in the Midwest and all I ever dreamed about was being a pro skateboarder. The Internet did not exist then so turning pro was about as possible as becoming Batman and if it weren’t for the help of a few dozen people over the years I would have a different life completely. Each generation has its own script and where as the 90s were about frontier, individualism, every man for himself, now is about just the opposite. Teamwork and construction is the attitude of today and it became very evident after the Berrics started and I began getting links from a lot of you out there. And that’s why we started YOUnited Nations because as the world got darker you seemed to be stressing more what you had in common with one another than what differentiated you. The cool guy smoking in the corner hating everything became about as welcome as a turd in the punch bowl at a pool party. Distreeto and Ground Control couldn’t prove this point more. Things are changing. And you’re making that change happen despite what anyone from any generation is telling you. My philosophy has always been this; picture life like one big line at Disneyland. The thing about a line is that at one point you’re always the last one in it and that’s a bummer, but if you stand there, and you wait long enough, and you don’t get frustrated and leave to get a hotdog or some nachos, eventually you’re gonna be at the front and it’s gonna be your turn to get on the ride. This is the beginning of what I’m hoping is a great ride for these guys. They deserve it. These guys are you just at the opposite end of the line. Cheer them on. Support them. You’re the ones who put them here in the first place. Congratulations. – sb

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